Thermal packaging

Tested passive thermal
systems for pharmaceuticals,
biotech and medicine

& PCM packs

Different refrigerants for
different temperature ranges.

About 100
thermo boxes

from the standard program – without tool costs
Individual sizes on request


Development & qualification of individual thermal packaging


85% less CO₂. All EPS (Styrofoam®/airpop®) and Neopor thermal boxes are optionally available in Biomass Balance Styrofoam.


With selected solutions of the THERMOCON series, different temperature ranges can be covered with the same system only by changing the cooling packs. This gives you the maximum flexibility and simplicity.


Several THERMOCON-systems use the same refrigerant types and sizes. From the small thermo box to the Pallet Transporter. In this case you don’t have to purchase new refrigerants to pack two different systems.


If you want to ship without dry ice for the temperature range -15°C to -25°C, you will find a good alternative in special PCM packs.

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Improve your thermal packaging and refrigerants with THERMOCON

THERMOCON advises on the choice of the right thermal packaging and suitable refrigerants. At THERMOCON everything is available from a single source: from individual boxes made of EPS or airpop® to pre-qualified thermal packaging as a complete system.

The thermal packaging is used for the safe temperature-controlled shipping of pharmaceutical, biotech and industrial products. The product range includes thermal packaging for GDP-compliant transport over the “last mile” to pharmacies, as well as solutions for the air freight transport of complete pallets.

In addition, the THERMOCON engineering team takes over the development of tailor-made systems for your thermal shipping, from thermal design and prototype construction to climatic chamber tests. A large portfolio of different refrigerants is used, which are also offered separately for sale.

THERMOCON, as a brand of the Schaumaplast Group, has more than 50 years of experience as a polystyrene manufacturer. Since 1964, moulded parts and packaging made of EPS, commonly known as Styrofoam® or airpop®, EPP and other particle foams have been produced. Today the Schaumaplast Group operates at three locations in Germany. In addition there are locations in Poland and the USA.

Under the THERMOCON brand, Schaumaplast has its own business unit concentrating on the development and manufacture of reliable cold chain solutions.

EPS thermal packaging with a long tradition and a lot of experience

THERMOCON offers a wide range of Styrofoam® boxes with different volumes and sizes. Starting from 0.57 litres product volume up to 1275 litres, or a completely individual EPS box. All EPS boxes are suitable for use with dry ice and refrigerants.

Thermal packaging solutions – the all-round carefree package from THERMOCON

As a styrofoam manufacturer with its own refrigerants and its extensive know-how in thermal engineering, THERMOCON can not only offer complete, uncomplicated and flexible thermal packaging systems, but also develop and qualify thermal systems that meet your individual requirements.

The thermal packaging systems consist of:
• an outer carton
• a thermo box suitable for your needs made of EPS (airpop®), EPP and other particle foams (including a lid and, if necessary, stacking frames)
• suitable refrigerants for your required temperature range and duration
• a documented prequalification due to valid climate chamber tests

The pre-qualified THERMOCON program includes the following product lines  Classic, Classic Special Foam and Premium.

Refrigerants for every type of application

Refrigerants are essential for reliable thermal shipping. The choice of suitable refrigerant depends on the needs of the temperature-controlled shipping. First of all, you should ask yourself the following questions: Do I need a disposable or reusable refrigerant? In which temperature range does my product need to be shipped? How long will the package be on the road, so what is the duration of the thermal packaging? To what extent does the refrigerant needs to be dimensionally stable in order to position it at predefined locations in your thermal packaging?

Based on these considerations, the decision should be on one of these refrigerants:
Gel pack Basic or Gel pack Pro
Gel pack No-Sweat
Gel pack Paper
Foam Brick
Flexible refrigerant mats
HDPE Basic or HDPE Pro refrigerants
PCM (Phase Change Material) pack

The THERMOCON team advise on the best choice of the suitable refrigerant.

Thermal engineering team customize individual thermal packaging solutions for thermal shipping

Do you have specific requirements for your thermal packaging?

The Thermal Engineering Team solves your packaging problem with the help of software-supported calculations and simulations, CAD software and prototype tests in the climate chamber.

THERMOCON develops individual passive thermal packaging. Through the  thermal calculation, the required wall thicknesses of the thermo box, the refrigerant quantities and the positioning of the refrigerants, foam bricks or gel packs is determined. The thermal simulation takes the temperature limits of the product, the required transport time and the outdoor temperature profile into account. Customer-specific or standards such as ISTA or AFNOR are used as temperature profiles.
The thermal and constructive engineering of THERMOCON shortens the development time of new thermo boxes and the configuration of existing thermo boxes.
For the proof of performance, the newly developed and with cooling elements equipped thermo box is put in a climate chamber test. THERMOCON also cooperates with ISTA-certified laboratories. You will receive written documentation on the performance of your new thermal packaging.